Friday, April 16, 2010

Siva and Ray's Engagement

My mom's little sister is getting engaged
today, the Tongan(Polynesian)way. Ray's family
lets us know ahead of time that most of his
family will show up with him on a certain date
(which is tonite 4/16/10) to ask for Siva's
hand. This is no small thing.

We've stayed up all night baking about 50
plus cakes to present to Siva's fiancee's
family. We baked bundt cakes to fit on nice
plates then wrap them in cellophane bags ea.

Siva wanted to do glaze on each cake. Mom
suggested that we just buy a couple of salt
and pepper shakers and fill them with pow
dered sugar and just top all the bundt cakes
since we're all in a hurry. It would still look
nice.'s the thought that

We over baked a couple of the first ones and
had to trash them because we were all having
fun chatting and joking around, forgetting
that we had cakes in the oven baking.

I'll post up the pictures as soon as I can.
Got to run some errands..

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